There Are Reasons and There Are Excuses…But Actually Excuses

A great blog post about realising the opportunities we have and why we don’t go after what we want. Many of us make excuses for staying in an unhappy state and stop ourselves from actively pursuing changes in our lives that can promote happiness and get us to where we want to be. It’s all about focusing on the opportunities we have rather than the lack 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

When you really think about it, most of the “reasons” we use to explain why we didn’t do something or why we didn’t succeed, are actually excuses.

The most common excuses I receive in comments and emails are: not enough time and not enough money.  But didn’t Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, etc. all have 24 hours in a day?  And haven’t there been millionaires start with no money to their name?

In my opinion a reason sounds like this…”I couldn’t pick up the spoon that fell on the floor because I have no hands.”  An excuse sounds like this…”I couldn’t pick up the spoon because I worked all day and my back is sore.”  The more I operate this blog the more I believe that the vast majority of us use excuses and not reasons.  I’m not judging, nor am I trying to give anyone a hard…

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7 thoughts on “There Are Reasons and There Are Excuses…But Actually Excuses

  1. Sparkyjen

    My beloved mother wasn’t big on excuses, so she encouraged us not to give her any. I’m glad she was so strict about this. It has helped me to excel in my life, and so be a lot happier. I figure by the time I recite all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this or that, I can have it accomplished. That sense that I’ve done and dusted yet another thing (within reason) makes my day, and allows me to sleep better at night. Toss out the excuses. Plan and prepare. Seek balance in all things. Just do it!

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    1. Jenny M

      So true! You were very blessed that your mother instilled that in you from an early age. I think it really sets a person up for a great, positive mindset through life. Excuses definitely damage our potential to be happy.

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